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on reading poetry aloud for an audience

7 thoughts on “A nice reading – Rachel Dacus

  1. I love this, Rachel. And I agree with Nic that the conversational tone and pace is wonderful. I disagree with Nic in terms of the hand gestures. Perhaps less of them, but if someone is speaking in a conversational tone and they use their hands in conversation, then it follows that they will use their hands when reading as well. It didn’t bother me.

  2. Yep, this is how it’s done! Thanks for sharing it, Nic. I kind of liked the hand gestures; I just think Rachel could scale back on them a bit.

  3. Dave, Susan – thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is a really minor nit for me — I think this reading is very well done overall and warmly congratulate Rachel. Skills like this are unfortunately not as widespread as they might be in the poetry world. Best, N

  4. (Didn’t see Susan’s comment until I’d already posted mine. Glad to see we agree on the hand gestures.)

  5. Nic, thanks so much for posting this! I am so happy to hear what you and Dave and Susan have to say about this reading. I’m working on my public reading skills, and so this is great feedback to get. I’ll use the hands but maybe not as much.

    I thought the same, Nic; they were maybe too often in the frame. Thanks again!

  6. Just for fun, I toss in this defense of the not-conversational way Yeats read (and lived): “The long cape, the flowing tie, the brown velveteen jacket, the cawing voice, the chanted poetry, were no mere affectation, but a declaration of every man’s right to be himself, to act himself out. Yeats consciously assumed a Mask–the word is his own–and wore it until it became part of himself, an antithetical part, according to his own philosophy.” –D. A. Stauffer

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