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Poets Performing on Radio Programs


Jeannine Hall Gailey has posted a great interview with poet and radio producer Elizabeth Austen.  They talk about all sorts of important topics, like how to prepare for a radio interview and how to read your poems on the air.

This interview is full of all sorts of great tips, like to keep the poems for a radio interview shorter than ones you might read for a live literary event.  Keep them accessible too:  “remember that radio listeners are almost surely multi-tasking.”

Austen even gives great advice for those of us who don’t have a radio interview lined up, but would like to know how to go about arranging one or two:  “The important thing is to remember that producers are looking for content that fits their programming needs. If you do a little work up front, you can write your email in such a way that you show how you are a good fit with their program. Make it easy for them by keeping your correspondence brief and professional—you know, the same way you’d approach the editor of a journal.”

Gailey asks the right questions, and Austen generously shares her wealth of knowledge–this interview is a true gift!

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Author: Kristin Berkey-Abbott

A poet, a scholar, an administrator, a wanna-be mystic--always wrestling with the temptation to run away to join an intentional community--but would it be contemplative? social justice oriented? creative? in the mountains? in the inner city?--may as well stay planted and wrestle with these tensions and contradictions here, at the edge of America.

2 thoughts on “Poets Performing on Radio Programs

  1. Thanks for this post, Kristin, and to both poets for the interview!!

  2. It makes so much sense – poets + radio! J.P. Dancing Bear’s “Out of Our Minds” radio show is poetry-focused and features some great interviews. Thanks for posting, Kristin.

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