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on reading poetry aloud for an audience

Pecan Pie and Ice Cream: Reading Poetry, Reading Prose

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Susan Rich has a great post about reading prose out loud for an audience, and she compares it to reading poetry.  Want to know which one is more like pecan pie and which is more like ice cream?  Go read her post to find out.  Along the way, she’ll give you tips about how to prepare for a prose reading and things you should think about (like water and the interesting questions you might get).

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Author: Kristin Berkey-Abbott

A poet, a scholar, an administrator, a wanna-be mystic--always wrestling with the temptation to run away to join an intentional community--but would it be contemplative? social justice oriented? creative? in the mountains? in the inner city?--may as well stay planted and wrestle with these tensions and contradictions here, at the edge of America.

One thought on “Pecan Pie and Ice Cream: Reading Poetry, Reading Prose

  1. Thanks for the link, Kristin – enjoyed the post. One question I ask my two sons fairly regularly is: “So, are you having a happy life?” It’s great watching them take a step back and survey the totality of their life at that moment.

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