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on reading poetry aloud for an audience

2 thoughts on “awesome delivery – Maya Angelou

  1. She is amazing, and I understand what you said about her style at times, but there are many poems of her that I just adore. These two readings were phenomenal. I am thinking of doing a reading of her poem about a diner, and meat eating. :)

    This also makes me think about poems that I have read which sound incredible in my head, but when I hear the poet read them they fall flat. I am thinking of William Carlos Williams’ reading of the Red Wheel Barrow. It goes way to fast and has nothing of the spacing from the paper version about it. Even Robert Frost was guilty at times of galloping along too quickly.

    I really appreciate what you are doing here, focusing on reading out loud for an audience. This is a vital part of poetry that often seems to have been lost.

  2. David – Unfortunately, readings by authors that don’t do justice to their own poems are not as uncommon as one would hope. I’m a huge Yvor Winters fan, for example, and was disappointed here: http://bit.ly/WHrQiG. Thanks for stopping by and glad you found some of the Voice Alpha content worthwhile. Best, Nic

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