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famous poets using ‘poet voice’

Another article on ‘poet voice’ and another one. Neither are new, just capturing for the record. Also for the record, two famous poets using ‘poet voice':

Natasha Trethewey (skip to 12:40):


Louise Gluck (skip to 1:00):

At the end of the day, I suppose it shouldn’t matter, really. I guess what makes me somewhat anxious is the fact that these are big-time role models for the rest of us, and I wonder if they consciously intend it – do they say to themselves, I use ‘poet voice’ in my public readings and you know what, I’m fine with that?

Or do they just not know?

Update: Lots of commentary on Facebook at this link

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record your poem for radio broadcast

Quiddity is seeking audio submissions of poetry for radio broadcast.

Here’s what we’re looking for:


Ask a question–a big question, a small question, a curious question, a funny question, a profound question, a burning question, a banal question, an off-the-wall question, an everyday question, etc. Then answer the question in a poem (submissions are open to all forms and non-forms).

The question should be the poem’s title. The response to the question is the poem.


Poems (including titles/questions) must be no longer than two minutes in length. They can be shorter than this but can under no circumstances be longer.

Full guidelines here. (Hat tip, Dave Bonta.)

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“Call for poet voice”

This intriguing call dates from March 2014 at Sound Literary Magazine – haven’t found yet where/if results have been published, but would be curious to see them.

Yes, we want to hear your idea of poet voice.

To submit, please choose a poem (your own or someone else’s) and record a video of yourself reading it twice:

1. First with poet voice
2. Then in the voice you think it’s best communicated in

They then link to a video of a volunteer demonstrating a double-aspect submission. I actually don’t think she did badly in both cases, mainly because she avoids the trap of the end of line note


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